Regent of Jade

Session 33

Summary of Session 33

The caravan set up in the abandoned village of Rimakak, and started licking its wounds and fixing up its wagons. While the repairs were underway, the party investigated the town, trying to figure out what had happened. They talked with Caladrel and Faunra, finding Caladrel polite but distant, and Faunra just distant. Caladrel was the apparent leader of their expedition, doing most of the talking.

Both snowcasters wore wooden toggles on strings around their necks, a toggle that Kaellara was notably missing. They were also openly dismissive of Kaellara, pretending to not even notice that she was there.

The party invited the snowcasters to the campfire one night. Faunra was particularly guarded, not knowing what to think of them. Even more curious, while Caladrel had the same pale skin and light eyes as Kaellara, Faunra had gray skin and red eyes, giving her a striking resemblance to a drow.

Ulf explained that there are stories that snowcasters descended from drow who came to the surface long ago. Whether or not those stories are true, the snowcasters are divided into dayrunners (with pale skin and light eyes) and nightrunners (with gray skin and red eyes). Nightrunners in particular have darkvision with light-sensitive eyes, similar to drow.

Rehoofa, Maia, and the snowcasters had a polite archery contest on the lake one day. Rehoofa and Maia both faired rather well, but Caladrel was less than appreciative, claiming he’d gone easy on them for their sake.

The party’ investigations showed that something had attacked the town and scared the townsfolk into fleeing. Even worse, confirmed when talking to Skygni, no such monster had left. The party looked to the lake, feeling something was amiss. They posted a few guards, and Leo, on the lake’s shore. Leo heard splashes, and some of the caravan guards suddenly went missing.

As the rest of the party came to the lake, worried that the monster was about to show itself, Leo smelled something oddly briny and sweet. He heard ice cracking just before he fell through, to where a hideous fish creature grabbed at him, trying to drag him down deeper.

Rehoofa was busy exploring the town with the elves, trying to prove he can do better at investigation than them. Elsa, Marcel, and Kaellara joined the fight, which proved to be a very dangerous one. The fish creature was called a qallupalluk, a sort of ice-water hag. Its squamous lackeys, merrows and a scrag, broke through the ice to attack. Leo fought underwater until he managed to get up to the surface, where one of the party pulled him out.

The party fought hard, striking down the monsters, though more than a few of them fell through the ice. The qallupalluk referred to its scaly allies as its family, and screeched at the party to join its family. Anyone the qallupalluk grabbed found scales starting to appear on their skin. The qallupalluk took a particular interest in Elsa, trying to drag her underwater. Marcel fouled up its plans by dumping foaming powder into the lake, burying them all in foam. The party was then able to strike the monster down.

Afterwards, Elsa donned Suishen and dove into the lake, using the sword’s magic to protect herself from the bitter cold. She found a small cache of treasure which she returned to the party, and the party called it a successful combat.



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