Arach Ivanovich

An experienced half-orc Varisian caravan leader


Originally from the distant River Kingdoms, Arach moved to Varisia as a young boy and found his true calling there among the nomads. Years later, Arach is now the leader of a successful caravan. Seen as a scoundrel by some and a clever businessman by others, Arach takes full advantage of his mixed blood, trading with civilized races and monstrous races alike. This has earned him a few enemies and more than a few rumors among the people he trades with, which laughs off and accepts as part of being a merchant.

A few years from middle age, Arach is a jovial man and unusually patient for a half-orc. He has a way with words and knowledge of many languages and customs, learned over the years of traveling to places like Magnimar, Restov, or the distant lands of the Linnorm Kings. Though he prefers to talk his way out of trouble, he is still quick to reach for his scimitar when his caravan is threatened.

Arach’s relationship with Maia is well-known around Sandpoint, yet also raises many questions. It is known that many years ago he brought her to the town and dropped her off at the Rusty Dragon. It is known that Arach and Maia are close, always meeting whenever he is in town. It is not believed that they are romantically involved, however. At most they appear to be a sort of brother-and-sister relationship. There is a business side to it, too: as a result of his travels, Arach can bring Maia many spices, drinks, and other things from around the world, to make the Rusty Dragon a truly unique place.

Arach needs no excuse to travel, as traveling is his life. He is always on the lookout for the next big deal, even if it’s hundreds of miles away.

Arach is intensely protective of his caravan, and of Maia. Threats against either seem to be the only thing that truly anger him.

Arach Ivanovich

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