Kaellara Evanendrah Sud'lune

Mysterious, mute elven warden


A well-known mystery in Sandpoint, Kaellara is an elf who lives on the outskirts. No one is entirely sure when she came to the town, or where she came from. She first started appearing a few years ago, fighting off goblin warbands or groups of bandits before vanishing back into the wilderness. During these fights she has proven herself quite skilled with knives.

Kaellara works as an unofficial guard for Sandpoint, appearing when the town is in danger, and never asking for anything in return. She has also gained a reputation of being a go-to person for shadowy work. People seeking help for not-quite-legal jobs will attempt to find her and barter for her services as a ranger or a warrior. When clients wish to hire her, protocol is to write out the request and leave it in the roots of a tree. If she agrees, she contacts you with her terms, with a note written in sharp, efficient script. It is unknown what drives Kaellara’s choices to help or ignore these people. One day she will help a goblin kill a rival chief, the next day she will refuse to help a son find his mother. A few select times, would-be clients have vanished in the night, never appearing again.

Kaellara generally keeps to herself. She only really comes out socially when Arach’s caravan appears and she goes to trade with him. She occasionally appears in Sandpoint as well for some minor trading. Few people know her personally, and those that do have never heard her speak. Some believe she is too aloof to lower herself to speaking the human language, though most believe she is mute. She is very expressive with her hands, and periodically communicates with Arach in a form of sign language that he has a passing understanding of.

Kaellara is not friends with anyone, at least in the traditional sense. She gets along with Arach, who provides her with supplies, and she occasionally has contact with Meckrin. She generally avoids Maia, apparently not wanting anything to do with a woman who looks down on elves.

As Kaellara’s motivations are a mystery, it is anyone’s guess what keeps her around Sandpoint. Though her services in keeping away attackers are much appreciated, the town has grown in recent years, to the point that it may not need an elf patrolling the fringes to keep it safe. If Kaellara decides to leave, it is likely she will simply slip away, as quietly as she appeared.

Kaellara Evanendrah Sud'lune

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