Maia Shirayuki

Young, hot-tempered former owner of the Rusty Dragon Inn in Sandpoint


Preferred weapons: Bow, two-weapon style

Currently: Composite longbow, paired Wakizashi

Armor: Chain Shirt


Maia is current owner of the Rusty Dragon Inn in Sandpoint. She got ownership of the tavern from Ameiko Kaijitsu, who left the town a few years ago to try her hand at adventuring. The move was met with resistance and confusion by the town leaders, who had grown to see Ameiko as a minor noble and town fixture. There were plenty of other, richer people in the town who would have paid top price for the tavern, but Ameiko instead gave it to Maia for a pittance. Many feel Maia was undeserving of such a gift, and with good reason. Ameiko was a cultured and intelligent businesswoman from a respectable family, while Maia was nothing but a serving girl whose family had died before she even came to Sandpoint. Some say there was favoritism in the transfer, as both Maia and Ameiko are Tien (Asian).

In the time since she got the tavern, Sandpoint has grown used to the young Maia, who at 20 years old is one of the youngest business owners. She runs the Rusty Dragon well enough, in spite of (or perhaps because of) her quick wit and famously hair-trigger temper. She has many friends, but has proven notoriously frustrating for anyone looking for a deeper relationship with her. Many a jilted suitor has left muttering “spoiled brat” under his breath.

Maia also has a reputation around town as being a skilled horse rider and archer, and often puts her skills to the test when goblins or other raiders try to attack the town. Her horse, Ryu, is as much a fixture as she is, and just as fiery. Recently she has taken to riding far afield on her horse all day, leaving running the tavern to her staff. Many believe she has begun to chafe at the constraints of owning property, and wishes to find her fortune elsewhere. Maia has done nothing to disprove these rumors.

Maia is generally accepting of all races, having had to deal with her own fair share of discrimination for her Tien ancestry. Arach in particular is a good friend of hers, despite what the rest of Sandpoint might think of him. She is distrustful of goblins but gives them the benefit of the doubt, so long as they are behaving themselves. The one exception to her attitude is elves, who put Maia in a sour mood at best. When asked about it, she just says that she can’t stand how elves always act like they’re better than everyone else.

Maia is the illegitimate child of the lady Kaijitsu and a guard of the Kaijitsu family, making her the half-sister of Ameiko Kaijitsu. The connection seems to have left her with a connection to the Kaijitsu family, as well as any curse afflicting them.

As a child, Maia watched her father burn to death fighting fire elementals. The incident has left Maia with pronounced pyrophobia. She avoids even cookfires if she can help it. Being around fire, especially fire elementals, leaves her paralyzed with fear.

Maia Shirayuki

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