Meckrin Rotfoot

Exiled goblin shaman of Calistria


A goblin living in the superstitious Licktoad tribe in the Brinestump Marsh near Sandpoint. At 35 years old, Meckrin is old by goblin standards, and he has been carrying out duties as a medicine maker for most of those years. He works periodically as a delegate to the humans, making sure the big people do not corrupt goblins with their foul words and untrustworthy writing (since to a goblin, literacy is heresy).

Meckrin has had substantial contact with Sandpoint and its inhabitants during the semi-peaceful goblin trading expedition to the town. From time to time he even does work for humans, trading potions and various magical spells for money. He is known as a source for questionable things or “under-the-table” deals.

Meckrin’s contact with the other NPCs is tenuous. He is on speaking terms with Arach, one of the few traders who will readily do business with goblins. He is aware of Kaellara, and has even done some light business with the elf. He has little contact with Maia, who does not trust him, and the feeling is mutual. He has had contact with various other non-goblins, though such contact is often strained, due to the reputation goblins have of being short-tempered thieves and killers. Meckrin sees his race’s reputation as a point of pride.

In the months leading up to the appearance of Arach’s caravan, the goblin has been changing, becoming more withdrawn among his own people. Often he has been secluded in his hut, working on some strange secret project. He has also started muttering more about fate and destiny. Some believe he is planning something big, though no one knows exactly what it is. At the outset of this campaign, non-goblin PCs have not seen or heard from Meckrin for over a month.

It has turned out that Meckrin committed the tremendous goblin sin of literacy, learning to read and write so that he could understand what the swamp witch Old Megus was studying, and what “great treasure” she was supposedly on the trail of. His tribe did not care for his excuses, though: they beat and branded him, changed his name to “Scribbleface,” and cast him out into the swamp, where thankfully the party was able to rescue him before his quest for treasure got him killed.

Meckrin Rotfoot

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